Pattern Mixing with Luna Lovegood

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on August 4, 2019

One of the reasons I started this blog was to give myself permission to, and a reason to, experiment with my personal style. Let me give you a little background.

When I started working professionally after graduating from college, the workplace was not the evolved modern office that it can be today. The ideas and rules that the male Baby Boomers had established for what women could and could not wear in the workplace were still lingering, and women still felt unempowered to bring their own personal style into their professional wardrobes. For years I struggled to find my own style voice because of these socially conditioned ideas, and to reject this patriarchal idea of what was socially acceptable to wear.

Then one day Instagram was born and everywhere regular women were showing up online saying “hey, it’s okay to wear what makes you happy.” I’m still working on that part of myself, and it definitley does NOT come naturally to me, but starting this blog has given me a platform to experiment on and it’s been a huge help in developing my personal style.

One thing I have never really been able to do successfully is mix patterns. To be honest I’ve never really tried. So for my first experiment, I turned to my favorite quirky style icon for inspiration: Luna Lovegood.

So let’s start with an easy one: polka dots and stripes. The reason this one works is because the scale of the dots is small enough to read as a texture, and the scale of the stripes is large enough to be the focal point of the outfit, so the two patterns don’t compete. The main color in the skirt also makes an appearance in the stripes, further tying the two patterns together.

A Luna Look wouldn’t be complete without a pair of Spectrespecs (also useful for spotting Wrackspurts) and Luna’s wand, of course. I had to throw in a little pink headband (this one from Rarity By Casey, one of my favorite woman-owned small shops) as a little nod to Luna’s pink coat. If you want to pick up one of your own, check her Instagram for the date of her next shop opening.

“Being different isn’t a bad thing.” – Luna



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