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on May 14, 2019

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When I started this blog I told myself I was not going to be one of those people who apologizes for not blogging as often as one thinks they should, particularly since currently I am working under the assumption that only like four of you are actually reading it right now. I started this post the day after Dapper Day, like a kid excited to share her Christmas presents, and now here it is two weeks later and the images are still sitting here wordless.

A combination of things really, one being a bit of writers block that has kept me from publishing this, and life just being hectic for another. Everyone has their own definition of ‘busy’ but I refuse to say I’ve been “too busy” because the truth is we prioritize the things we want to do and the lesser priorities are left unattended to. I’ve still found the time to watch every episode of Game of Thrones, so I’ll just say that blogging has fallen lower on my priority list. Coming home from work and cooking – I’ve started Hello Fresh again – and going to bed early enough to get the insane amount of sleep I require have been winning over staying up till midnight editing photos and writing.

So without further ado after that little life update, is my Spring 2019 Dapper Day look. I actually re-purposed the top from my Halloween costume last year (a red bodysuit embellished with gold trim) when my friend Sarah suggested it, after deciding on a group Wonderland theme. I jumped all over that idea because of aforementioned higher priorities, and due to the fact that my project room-slash-guest room-slash-closet is still in the midst of this years Great Decluttering and the thought of having to work in there makes my head spin. So it was one less thing to add to my to-do list, but I still needed a basic circle skirt and some accessories. Cue Amazon, because you can find about anything on Amazon and also, two day shipping, hi.

Every piece of this outfit came from Amazon (this post isn’t sponsored by Amazon – I’m not that big time). I was worried the skirt would need to be hemmed based on the photo but it ended up fitting like it was cut for me. Another little win. I looked into buying a purse for the outfit but I couldn’t find anything I really loved, so I ordered this white box clutch and busted out the old Cricut and and transfer vinyl. Twenty dollars and an hour later I had a custom playing card clutch that no one else would be carrying.

I had found the fascinator a while back and had it bookmarked on my ‘Dapper Day’ Amazon list, but it needed a little embellishment. I cut two matching heart shapes out of felt and cut the same heart 1/4” smaller out of poly batting, and hand stitched the three layers together with red thread. I found the vintage crown stick pin on Etsy for $8, and pinned it to the heart. I sewed the heart pillow onto the veil mesh with a few large stitches so that if I ever need to use the black fascinator for another Dapper Day look, it can be easily removed.

The black bow belt, white gloves and heart sunnies I already owned, all of which were also from Amazon. I really get my money’s worth out of my Prime subscription. The hearts on the gloves were two puff stickers I had left over from a Valentines Day clearance sale stash in my box of Shiny Things I Hoard For Future Projects.

After wearing heels to the past two Dapper Day events I had learned my lesson and so there was no way I was wearing even my comfy heels this time. A quick search for ‘T-strap flats women’ turned up this pair for $12.99, and not only were they the perfect cute retro shoe, but the soles were flexible and cushioned enough to keep my feet from aching. For a pair of “costume” shoes, $13 was just the right price.

I wanted a cheeky accessory and had the idea to order a plastic lawn flamingo and turn it into a walking cane, but the first page of the flamingo search turned up the most perfect accessory I never thought would’ve existed, a flamingo umbrella with a built-in stand. Once again, Amazon suggestions for the win!

Overall I was pretty pleased with the look despite not having spent much time on it (unless you count the hours spent embellishing the bodysuit last October). Once the project room is back in functioning shape, I can’t wait to start sewing again and creating more everyday Disney inspired outfits to share with everyone! And hopefully, something really creative for Fall Dapper Day!





  • Shell

    This is such a cute dapper look! Plus hi, I read your blog! 🙂

    June 2, 2019 at 7:53 am Reply
    • OhDarlingMouse

      Ahh thank you!! And for the motivation to keep writing! 😘

      June 2, 2019 at 6:08 pm Reply

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