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on February 19, 2019

It’s the last week to check out the 2019 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts, and if you haven’t been, you may be overwhelmed with the choices this year! I’m so happy that this festival has grown into a mini Food & Wine with the huge selection of culinary and beverage offerings you can sample at the festival kiosks. Being a huge Broadway fan, this festival has just about everything I love: food, drinks, art and Broadway stars! I’ve rounded up my top picks to help you narrow down your tasting selections (and avoid getting too drunk!)

The 2019 Festival Passport
Figment, painting with all the colors of the wind, at the entrance to the park
Saint-Honore Tart in Germany

Best Overall: I’m going to jump right in here and start with my overall favorite. The Saint-Honore Tart at the Germany Pavillion is (almost) too pretty to eat. Both the presentation and the flavor make this a clear winner. If you are a fan of caramel as I am, you have to try this little work of art. The tart is a caramel cream tart with caramel glaze topped with cream puffs. My mouth is watering just writing this. If not for the fact that I am (trying) to cut back on my sugar, I could’ve downed five of these bad boys with no guilt. This sucker is worth the calories.

“Paintbrush” Churros

Best Themed Food: The Paintbrush Churros. Y’all know I love a good pun. The ‘Taste Track’, a tiny cart with a long line near the, you guessed it, Test Track, serves up these mini curros dipped in white chocolate colored to resemble paint. Theming. On. Point. Just be sure to ask for a fresh batch as we got them on a chilly day and they had been sitting for a while. I like my churros like I like my men: steaming hot.

Prosecco ‘Villa Sandi’ in Italy

Best Bubbly: Prosecco ‘Villa Sandi’ in the Italy Pavillion. I’ll come clean: I have been cheating on Prosecco with Veuve Cliquot for quite some time now. But after trying this one I may consider relationship counseling. It’s hard to find a prosecco that doesn’t have a bite and isn’t too tart. This one is smooth and not too sweet. But I’ll be completely honest, I was on my fourth or fifth drink with this one so my palette wasn’t exactly what you would call clean. You be the judge.

The Mozart Chocolate Cream Liqueur with Dark Sipping Chocolate in the ‘Sipping Chocolate Flight’

Best Dessert Drink: The ‘Symphony in Chocolate’ flight at The Artist’s Table in the America Pavillion. Hands down the best dessert drink I’ve ever had. The flight comes with 3 different flavored liqueur chocolates: a Mozart Chocolate Cream Liqueur with Dark Sipping Chocolate (pictured above), a Mozart White Chocolate Cream Strawberry Liqueur with Milk Sipping Chocolate, and a Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream Liqueur with White Sipping Chocolate. If you don’t already have a toothache from reading that, run don’t walk to the America Pavillion and grab a flight to share with a friend. Because these babies are rich. My friend and I shared the flight and despite how delicious it is, I don’t think I could’ve finished all three on my own simply because of how rich it is. The dark chocolate was definitly more of a pudding consistency, while the other two were a thicker liquid. Surprisingly my favorite flavor was the Cream Strawberry with Milk Chocolate, which has notes of both flavors and isn’t too strong on the liqueur taste.

‘Chebbakia’ in the Morocco Pavillion

Weirdest Thing I Didn’t Think I Would Like But Did: The ‘Chebbakia’ in the Morocco Pavillion are hand-twisted strips of fried dough coated with honey, rosewater and sesame seeds. I always like to try at least one new food each festival, and these little dough bites that resemble a dessert calamari were surprisingly good. I’m not a sesame person at all, but the sesame flavors in this were subtle. The honey wasn’t too sweet and the whole flavor medly was unique. Once again I caution against ordering these on a cold day, because the first time I tired them hot and fresh was a better experience than we had on the rare cold day in Florida that I photographed this.

Perhaps the best part of this festival is the colorful entry display at the front of the park! If you are an Instagrammer, or if you just love taking pictures in front of shiny objects, this is a great location to snap some pics. (Hint: go early in the day to avoid crowds if you don’t want to have to dodge unwilling photobombers to get your shot.)

My bag is by Harvey’s California and I’m sad to say it is sold out online, but check out the rest of their Disney collection!

Photo Tip: The sides of the rainbow display are a great place to snap pics without a crowd of people in the way. All of the photos above were taken to the left side of the sign as you walk into the park. The rainbows are angled different directions so you can still get a great backdrop here without waiting for people to move away. You can see the crowds in the background in the pics above; it was pretty crowded but we still got some great photography without too much disruption.

An adorable portrait of Experiment 626.

Of course we can’t forget about the ART at the Festival of the Arts. In addition to the culinary art and Broadway performances taking place nightly, the entire World Showcase is peppered with artist tents displaying works of many well-known as well as up-and-coming Disney artists. It’s a great opportunity to get your piece signed by the artist. But on February 25th it all disappears until next year so walk, drive or monorail on over to Epcot!



Note: I have not been compensated by Disney nor am I affiliated with Disney; all opinions and photography herein are my own.

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