Halloween in the Kingdom

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on September 8, 2018

Anyone who knows me knows that Halloween is my favorite time of year.  Christmas gets all the hoopla but let me tell you – it’s all about Halloween in my world.  The idea that you can put on a costume and walk around looking completely out of your normal character and it’s totally socially acceptable is such a draw for me.  I mean, tell me I can wear a costume and I’m there.

And Halloween at the Magic Kingdom is particularly magical.  Perhaps because the festivities start in August – yeah, you read that right.  Maybe it’s the giant inflatable pumpkins at the parking gate that somehow manage to not look like your cheesy neighbor’s lawn decorations.  Or the assortment of Halloween-themed treats.  Or the bright and colorful window dressings at the Confectionery.  Whatever it is, it gets me.

Not missing a change to wear a themed outfit, I headed out to the first “fall” day at the Magic Kingdom (note: “Fall” in Florida doesn’t exist and it’s still 90 degrees and humid) dressed to match the decorations.  Orange is actually my least favorite color – but necessary for the season.  When investing in new wardrobe staples (Theme park investment dressing?  Can we make that a thing?) I tend to stick to neutral pieces that I can accessorize with more colorful inexpensive items to get different looks.  I had picked up this black and white gingham dress on clearance at the LOFT outlet a few weeks ago, and it became the perfect base piece for a subtle Nightmare Before Christmas look.

My “purse” is actually a popcorn bucket from Disneyland!  After dark you can flip a switch on Zero’s nose and it blinks.  (Because, I’m not subtle.)  To top off the look I added an inexpensive purple scarf I found on Amazon, white daisy sunnies from Oui Fresh, and pair of Sally-inspired ears from Shop House of Mouse on Etsy.   I’ve linked all resources for you below!

Ears (similar): Shop House of Mouse (Etsy)

Sunnies (they come in other colors, too!): Oui Fresh

Scarf: Amazon.com

Dress (similar): J Crew Factory

A huge THANK YOU to my bestie Trae for spending the time with me to help capture these photos.  I’m so lucky to have a friend who supports my creative endeavors!  I will leave you with this one final question:  The Nightmare Before Christmas – Halloween movie or Christmas movie?  Weigh in below!





  • Trae

    Great start to your blog Seabreeze! So happy for you. 😍

    September 11, 2018 at 4:49 pm Reply
  • Tracy

    So fun and colorful, Cathy! Love it! Congrats!!!

    September 18, 2018 at 9:35 am Reply
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