My Novelty Bag Obsession

Posted in Style
on July 30, 2019

Every girl has her spending vice. You know what I mean; the one thing you can never stop buying regardless of how many you have. For some women it’s shoes, for others its beauty products. Mine is novelty handbags.

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Three Days in New Orleans: What I Did

Posted in Travel
on July 7, 2019

One of the benefits of having a best friend who’s from New Orleans is spontaneous road trips to the Crescent City.  So when we both had a long weekend for Memorial Day, we packed up the car and the pup and headed out on the 10-hour-ish drive from Orlando. 

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The One Phrase That Changed My Body Perception

Posted in Life, Style
on June 6, 2019

Recently I shared a photo on Instagram that a friend took of me at Typhoon Lagoon for a special event Disney threw for their Gold & Platinum Passholders.  In the photo I was wearing a swimsuit (because, duh, water park) and it was captioned, “Not a size 2 and in a swimsuit.”  I didn’t even think twice about sharing a photo of myself in a swimsuit publicly, because, to me, it wasn’t a big deal.  At least a thousand people had seen me in that swimsuit IRL at Typhoon Lagoon, and quite frankly, I felt downright gorgeous in that suit.

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Dapper in Wonderland

Posted in Special Events, Style
on May 14, 2019

When I started this blog I told myself I was not going to be one of those people who apologizes for not blogging as often as one thinks they should, particularly since currently I am working under the assumption that only like four of you are actually reading it right now. I started this post the day after Dapper Day, like a kid excited to share her Christmas presents, and now here it is two weeks later and the images are still sitting here wordless.

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A Budget-Friendly Spring Dress

Posted in Style
on April 24, 2019

#targetdoesitagain. Someone tell Flora & Merryweather to stop bickering already because I found a dress that makes them both happy! I was going to forgo a new Easter dress this past weekend due to the recent closet-cleaning-out and the fact that Miss Stella needs her teeth cleaned (can someone figure out a less expensive way to clean a dog’s teeth, please), but then I stumbled across this $29 number at Target, on sale for $25.

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